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Share dashboards as scheduled emails

New feature: content organization, collaboration and filtering

This article describes a new feature that may not be available to all users. If you don't see this feature and want to learn more, please contact your Tethr admin.
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Share dashboards through email and create automated schedules. Because recipients don’t need to be Tethr users, this enables you to share and scale Tethr insights across your organization.

Required: To allow users to share dashboards as emails, a Tethr account admin must configure external sharing options, then edit the user's profile to assign the Email Sharing Admin role.

Emailing dashboards makes it easy to:

    • Give managers direction by scheduling an email once a week that contains a dashboard highlighting their top and bottom performers
    • Send an email to contact center directors once a month to measure progress with a dashboard comparing their teams’ performance
    • Spot leading indicators by sending a daily email to site leadership that contains a dashboard monitoring volume and deltas for call drivers
    • Send weekly report to leadership with the top pain points causing churn enabling them to address concerns at the source

In this article: 

Create a new email schedule

Open the dashboard you'd like to share, then click the email dashboard icon to create a new email schedule:

Tip: Make sure you open the original dashboard. Emails can not be scheduled for dashboards opened through a folder or accessed with view-only permissions.


Configure email schedule


    1. Preview what recipients will receive and ensure readability of reports. Reports in the email are static images.
    2. Add recipients to this schedule. Recipients do not need to be Tethr users, but there may be restrictions on who can receive dashboard emails. These restrictions are configured by a Tethr account admin in the external sharing options.
    3. Add filters to this schedule to limit the recipients' view. Existing report filters will apply.

      Important: If reports do not have team filters defined, this email will include data from all teams. 
    4. Choose how often and what time recipients will receive this dashboard summary. Note that data from the day of the schedule will not be included in the email.
    5. Save your schedule. Emails will be sent automatically according to your selections, and any changes to reports in the dashboard will be reflected in the email.

Manage schedules and recipients

  1. Click the email dashboard icon to manage schedulesManage_Schedules.png
  2. Delete a schedule using the actions menu, or open a schedule from the list to add or remove recipients, edit filters, or change when recipients receive the dashboard summary email.DeleteSched.png

Delete images from previously sent emails

Required: You must be a Tethr account admin to perform this task.
  1. Navigate to the external sharing log through the account menu:

  2. Toggle to dashboard emails, select the email you'd like to remove images from, and delete report images using the actions menu: