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Overriding a custom score

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This article describes a new feature that may not be available to all users. If you don't see this feature and want to learn more, please contact your Tethr admin.
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What is a custom score?

Custom scores use key events detected by categories to calculate a score for each interaction, helping you automate and scale things like QA monitoring and compliance audits. Occasionally, you may find discrepancies between the automated score and the events that occurred in the interaction. If this happens, you can manually adjust the score for that interaction. 

Important Note: Proprietary scores like TEI and AIS can not be changed; only custom scores can be overridden. If you don’t have a custom score configured, reach out to your Account Manager to learn more.


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Overriding a custom score View an override request  Approve an override request 
Elements of the scores page Export a list of score overrides Changing User Permissions


Overriding a custom score

After reviewing an interaction, select the Scores tab. Click on a score or select Show Details to view the parts of each score. If a score can be overridden, you will see a pencil icon.


There are two user permissions for overriding a custom score: Requesters and Approvers. Requesters can request a score change. Approvers can approve score change requests and make changes without submitting a request.


Click the pencil icon to request a change to the score. Adjust the points, leave a comment, and submit your request. 



Click the pencil icon to override the score. Adjust the points, leave a comment, and save your changes. The score will reflect your changes in a few minutes; no reprocess is required. Diagonal lines indicate that a change was made to the score. 

You can revert to the original score by clicking Revert to Original in the score details.


View an override request 


Navigate to the Scores page using the account menu to view the status of your score override requests.


Approve an override request 


When a score override request is submitted, Approvers will receive a notification in Tethr. Click the notification or navigate to the Scores page using the account menu.

Elements of the scores page


  1. List of score override requests 
  2. Sort requests by status
  3. Request comment left by the requester when requesting the override
  4. Review comment left by the approver when approving or declining an override request. Requesters can see review comments
  5. Status of the request
  6. View the interaction to approve or decline the request in the call archive
  7. Approve or decline requests directly from the list


Export a list of score overrides

Navigate to the score overrides page to view a list of score overrides, export as a .csv file, and choose which details you'd like to include in the export.

  • Requesters can view their score overrides and export the list.
  • Approvers can view all score overrides, export the list, and set new system defaults.


Changing User Permissions

Changes in permissions require a support ticket, but Tethr Admins can view a list of Approvers and Requesters in User Groups.