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Disable two-factor authentication for a user in Tethr

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This article shows you how to disable two-factor authentication (2FA) for your users in Tethr. 2FA provides an extra layer of security for each Tethr account. As the number of websites losing personal data grows, it’s more important than ever that we take every step we can to safeguard our customers' data. 2FA provides that safeguard—if someone’s password is compromised your customers’ data won’t be lost.

Note: To learn how to enable two-factor authentication in Tethr using the Authy app, read the article Enable two-factor authentication in Tethr.

Get started disabling 2FA from a Tethr user account:

Getting started: You’ll need Administrator privileges in your organizations’ Tethr account.

Disable two-factor authentication in Tethr

Tip:  As a Tethr Administrator you can disable 2FA for any users in your organization.

Authy two-factor authentication relies on an active mobile phone number and a working mobile device. As an Admin, you can disable 2FA for your users if they:

  • lost their mobile device or
  • changed their mobile number.


  1. Start by logging in to Tethr and navigate to the user’s profile by selecting the arrow next to your profile initials or photo and then select Settings.
  2. Under the Admin section of Settings, select Users from the left menu and enter the user’s name in the search box to search for them in the list of users.
  3. Select the user’s name to open their user Profile> page.

  4. On the user’s profile, you’ll see a section labeled Two-factor authentication. Select Disable to turn 2FA off for a user’s Tethr account.
Warning:  Disabling a user’s two-factor authentication cannot be undone.


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