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Integrate Salesforce Service Cloud chat with Tethr

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This article shows you how to import your chat transcripts and metadata by integrating the Salesforce Service Cloud chat platform (formerly Live Agent) with Tethr. In this article, we’ll cover the Salesforce side of the integration, including how to create a Tethr Connected App in Salesforce to provide Tethr what we need to batch-ingest your chats.

Note: Tethr's chat batch ingestor uses the Lightning REST API to connect to Salesforce and retrieve the chats.

What we'll cover:

  1. Create a new Tethr Connected App in Salesforce

  2. Provide the app credentials to Tethr

  3. Work with Tethr to enable and automate chat retrieval

Before you begin:

  • You’ll need a Salesforce account with administrator privileges to create the connected app. This account will connect Salesforce with Tethr’s batch ingestor to retrieve your chats.
  • Be sure your organization has also created a generalized Salesforce integration user account. You’ll share this account's credentials with Tethr to build the secure chat integration.

Getting started: Using your administrator privileges, log into Salesforce. Under the Home tab, search for “App Manager” in the search bar and select it to open up the Lightning Experience App Manager setup.


Create a new Tethr Connected App in Salesforce

  1. In the App Manager, click on New Connected App.
  2. Complete the following Basic Information fields:

    a) Connected App Name: give your connected app a name that indicates the type of integration. For example, “Tethr Connected App”.
    b) Contact Email: enter your Tethr Integrations Specialist’s email address:
    c) Entering a Description is optional, but we suggest describing the specific type of connected app you’re creating. For example, “Batch imports chats and metadata from Salesforce into Tethr”.


  3. Complete the following API (Enable OAuth Settings) fields:

    a) Be sure to checkmark both boxes for Enable OAuth Settings and Enable for Device Flow. This will generate the integration’s callback URL automatically.
    b) Select “Access and manage your data (api)” as the Selected OAuth Scope.
    c) Keep Require Secret for Web Server Flow option checked.
    d) Select Continue to create your new Tethr Connected App.


    Note: Salesforce will notify you that it will take between two and 10 minutes to update the server, which is expected.
  4. Once you’ve selected Continue, both a Consumer Key and a Consumer Secret identification string will be generated as shown above. Tethr will need both of these strings as well as the username and password of a generalized Salesforce integration user account to build a secure chat integration.

    Required: Please provide Tethr with the credentials for a generalized integration user account that your organization has created in Salesforce. This prevents you from needing to provide any personally identifiable Salesforce account information to Tethr and ensures the username and password provided to Tethr will not change over time.

Provide the app credentials to Tethr

Once you’ve created your Tethr Connected App, provide the following credentials to your Tethr Integrations Specialist. These Salesforce credentials are necessary to configure Tethr’s batch ingestor to retrieve chats from Salesforce Service Cloud via the new Tethr Connected App. Credentials can be found within the Tethr Connected App once it’s been created and configured, covered in the section Create a new Tethr Connected App in Salesforce

      1. Username of the account used for the connected app. Note that this should not be the username of the administrative account used to create the connected app.
      2. The password of the account.
      3. The Consumer Key.
      4. And the Consumer Secret.
Important: Consumer Secrets should always be sent securely using encryption, never in plain text. Contact your Tethr Integrations Specialist for help sending Consumer Secrets securely.

Work with Tethr to enable and automate chat retrieval

Once we've verified that your chats and metadata are flowing from Salesforce Service Cloud into Tethr, and automated the process, you'll work with a Tethr Customer Success Manager to begin generating insights about your customer interactions.