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Integrate Talkdesk Cloud Contact Center with Tethr

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This article shows you how to import your call audio and metadata by integrating the Talkdesk Cloud Contact Center with Tethr. In this article you’ll generate a Talkdesk API user for Tethr, allowing Tethr to call Talkdesk via their call recording API and verify us to batch-ingest your customer call center audio and metadata.

Note: Tethr uses industry-standard HTTPS/SSL for receiving call recordings and metadata.

What we'll cover:

  1. Understand Tethr-supported OAuth2 types

  2. Provide Talkdesk API user client credentials to Tethr

  3. Work with Tethr to enable and automate call retrieval

Before you begin:

  • You’ll need to generate a Talkdesk API user by contacting Talkdesk Support ( or in collaboration with your Talkdesk Success Manager.

Getting started: Refer to Talkdesk’s developer documentation to understand more about how to obtain API access and configure an integration from your Talkdesk instance.

Understand Tethr-supported OAuth2 types

To get the most out of Tethr by using all of its features, you’ll need to integrate your call audio and metadata in Talkdesk Cloud Contact Center with our application. OAuth Application grant types allow you to grant Tethr limited, secure access to your contact center data without exposing your credentials. The table below summarizes the OAuth2 API authorization types Tethr supports.

Tethr-supported OAuth2 API application, authentication and grant types

OAuth2 API Type What Tethr supports API Type Description
Application type Talkdesk API only Retrieve Talkdesk call and user data and initiate callbacks from Web and mobile.
Authentication type   Talkdesk API: Reporting core with OAuth

OAuth 2.0 allows Tethr to request an access token from Talkdesk, which securely validates Tethr’s permission to request your contact center data.

Grant type  Client credentials

“Allows a developer to obtain API access on behalf of an entire Talkdesk account. This grant type should be used by:

  • Talkdesk customers accessing their own instance of the Talkdesk API
  • Talkdesk AppConnect app providers.” (i.e., Tethr)
Tip: You may also refer to these Talkdesk developer articles on Talkdesk application typesTalkdesk authentication types and generating the Talkdesk client credentials grant type.

Provide Talkdesk API user client credentials to Tethr

After generating your Talkdesk API user in the Getting started section, you’ll need to give your Tethr Integrations Specialist the following client credentials for the Talkdesk API:

  1. The username (client_id)
  2. and the password (client_secret).

We’ll configure the Talkdesk integration with Tethr using these credentials. This allows Tethr to call Talkdesk via the API and confirm we are verified to receive your customer call center audio and metadata

Work with Tethr to enable and automate call retrieval

Once we've verified that your calls and metadata are flowing from Talkdesk Cloud Contact Center into Tethr, and automated the process, you'll work with a Tethr Customer Success Manager to begin generating insights about your customer interactions.