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Scale/zoom the graph's vertical axis

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Scale the graph's vertical axis to zoom in on the range that's most meaningful for your data.

Getting started: Graphing features are available in both Search & browse and My reports.

From Search & browse, either select the Graphing tab next to the Filters tab, or begin a new search and select the option to Show graph next to the Save as a report button.

From My reports either select the Graphing tab or open a saved report in My reports list. 

Scale the graph's vertical axis:

When you're graphing data you can now scale the graph's vertical axis to show the full scale starting at zero or restrict the scale to the smallest value in your existing data set. 

  1. Within the Graphing panel, select the More actions ( ••• ) button on the Vertical (y) axis and choose Customize scale.


  2. In the pop-up, select the Restrict scale to smallest value to restrict your vertical axis scale so its minimum value is aligned with the smallest value in your data set. Select Done to change the graph's scale or Cancel to keep the graph at full scale.


    Note: The vertical axis will default to show full scale starting at zero.
  3. You should see the vertical axis scale the graph to the smallest value of your data set.

  4. To return your graph to full scale, start over at step one above.
Note: The graph's scale will be saved when you save your graph as a report and open it later. 

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