Reports Graphing customization and advanced options

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This article describes a new feature that may not be available to all users. If you don't see this feature and want to learn more, please contact your Tethr admin.
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Manually drag and drop the agent names, categories or custom groups (teams) on your graph into your preferred order.

Getting started: Graphing features are available in both Search & browse and My reports.

From Search & browse, either select the Graphing tab next to the Filters tab, or begin a new search and select the option to Show graph next to the Save as a report button.

From My reports either select the Graphing tab or open a saved report in My reports list. 

Customize the graph's order:


When you're graphing data you can now customize the order of your agents, categories or custom groups (teams) on your graph and in your table. 

  1. As shown above, within the Graphing panel select the Customize link on the Group by menu. In the Customize group by pop-up, select the Display options menu of the item you'd like to manually reorder. Choose the Manually order option in the drop-down menu.


    Note on sorting: If you're manually reordering columns within a table graph then the items will remain at the top of your table in the order you've defined regardless if you elect to sort the table column's rows. Any sorting will apply to unordered items that display after your manually ordered items.
  2. The item you've chosen to reorder will move up above your existing items under a new section: Manually ordered. Continue to repeat step 1 until you have all the items you'd like to reorder listed under the manually ordered list.

  3. You'll see a hamburger icon to the left of all items under your manually ordered list. This indicates the items are able to be grabbed, dragged and dropped with your cursor to change the order they display in under your manually ordered list. 


    a) Make any additional changes in order by dragging and dropping items into place with your cursor.

    b) Once your ordering is complete, select Done to close the Customize group by pop-up and see your order changes take effect on your graph.

    Note: On your graph legend you may notice the "Customize" link will now read "Customized" and there will be a small checkmark next to the Customize link near the Group by menu in your Graphing panel. Both are indicators you've applied customizations to the Group by menu criteria on your graph. 
  4. To remove an item from its manual order select the Remove order link to the right of the item in the Customize group by pop-up.
Note: The manual order you create will be saved when you save your graph as a report and open it later. Manually reordered items will appear in the CSV download of your graph or report in the order you've chosen.

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