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What happens when there are no interactions to measure on the graph?

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Understand how Tethr handles no interactions on the graph and CSV download.

Getting started: Graphing features are available in both Search & browse and My reports.

From Search & browse, either select the Graphing tab next to the Filters tab, or begin a new search and select the option to Show graph next to the Save as a report button.

From My reports either select the Graphing tab or open a saved report in My reports list. 


What does having no interactions look like on the graph or CSV download?

When graphing a measurement (for example, Tethr Effort Index or Subset as a % of volume) and a bin doesn't contain any interactions, Tethr won't display a measurement for that bin.

Tip: The general rule is that if you see something on a graph, it indicates a minimum measured value of zero interactions exist (for example, 0 or 0%).

Seeing nothing on the graph or a dashed line, with a dash on hover (-), indicate no interactions exist.


  1. Bar graphs with no interactions will show nothing on the graph, like in the example above. Upon hover over the graph, you'll see a dash symbol (-) to indicate there isn't graphable data.

  2. Line graphs with no interactions will display a dashed line. In the example above, there's no data for the weeks of Jul 1, Jul 8 and Jul 15. The first real data points begin the week of Jul 22.

  3. Area graphs with no data will show nothing. Whether there's is a value of zero, or any value, you'll still see a colored fill that is representative of the actual numeric value of that data.

  4. As shown in the CSV download image above, if a measurement has no value, like in the last two rows above, you'll see an empty cell in the CSV rather than a value of zero.

What do no interactions look like when measuring volume?

Note: The above rules don't apply to a standard Volume graph.


When graphing by Volume and using the Show percentage option, if there are no interactions in Tethr for a time period you're graphing, the value is zero percent of zero interactions—or no data.

  1. The Bar and Area graphs will not show anything.
  2. The Line graph will show a dashed line. 

In all cases, upon hover over the graph, you'll see a dash symbol (-) to indicate there isn't graphable data.


When graphing by Volume and using the Show count option, if there are interactions in Tethr for that week and the categories you're filtering by did not appear on any of the interactions, the graph will not show anything. But, upon hover, the graph will show a measured value of zero.

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