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Navigating folders and content

New feature: content organization, collaboration and filtering

This article describes a new feature that may not be available to all users. If you don't see this feature and want to learn more, please contact your Tethr admin.
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Explore three ways to navigate your folders and their content:
1) Move to the next or previous folder at the same level, or the next or previous content item within a folder or dashboard,
2) Click on a higher-level folder using the breadcrumb, or
3) Jump to a folder at any level using the folder drawer.

Getting started: If you're not already in a folder, click on the Insights tab at the top right of the application and choose Home to see your folders.

Advance to the next or previous folder or content item:

  1. If you're in a top level folder, clicking on the right pager arrow will advance you to the next folder at this level. Clicking the left pager arrow will to move to the previous folder. Similarly, if you're inside a subfolder, clicking the right and left pager arrows will will move you forward or backward between other folders within that subfolder.
  2. If you're viewing the contents inside a subfolder, like a specific dashboard or a report, the right and left pager arrows will will move you forward or backward between content items within that folder.
  3. If you're viewing one of multiple reports on a dashboard, the right and left pager arrows will move you forward or backward between other reports on the same dashboard.navigate-same-folder.png

Advance to a higher-level folder:

Click on any folder name in the breadcrumb path to view that folder's contents.

Advance to any folder:

  1. Click on the Folder drawer ( icon-hamburger-menu.png ) icon. A drawer will slide out from the left.
  2. Click on any folder name shown in the drawer. The contents of that folder will display on the screen behind the folder drawer.
    Tip: Folders with subfolders will be preceded by a carot pointing toward the folder (closed) or down (expanded). Clicking the folder carot shows or hides its subfolders.
    Tip: If you're having difficulty finding your folder, you may search the folder list.

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