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New feature: content organization, collaboration and filtering

This article describes a new feature that may not be available to all users. If you don't see this feature and want to learn more, please contact your Tethr admin.
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Tethr is the only platform that combines the power of AI-enabled speech analytics, the ease of use of customer experience (CX) management systems, and decades of best-practice CX research to drive improved loyalty, revenue, and business outcomes.

Tethr's core experience is comprised of:

  • Interactions - view calls or chats usually between your customers and agents
  • Reports - track topics and trends of key insights that occur on your interactions
  • Dashboards - organize reports and share content with your team.
  • Folders - scale and share insights with your organization

Example interaction


Example report

Example dashboard

Ready for a deeper dive?

Get started by browsing some of the topics below. We recommend starting with Calls, Search & browse, Reports, and Dashboards.

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Play back audio, search the transcript, and find details about the call. You may also apply a label, private note or public comment to the call.


Track whether or not key events were met on a call. You may filter calls by categories to see how many had the key events and look for trends over time.

Search & browse

Search through calls using keywords and filter criteria (including teams, date ranges, agents, etc.). Then save your searches as reports and place them on a dashboard for easy access.


Save your Search & browse results into an individual report for easy reference. Then share your report with other Tethr users for collaboration and visibility to call activity over time.


Customize the visual representation of the report's aggregate data by changing the graph's display, timeframe and data. You can also download a file with the data shown in the graph.


Organize your reports on dashboards for quick access to saved Search & browse results. You may share your dashboards with other Tethr users for collaboration.


Organize your dashboards and reports into folders that can be shared across your organization. You may add filters to your folders to personalize the view of folder contents (for example, by department or supervisor).


Manage your user profile, preferences, and password. You may also add a photo and your mobile number to your profile.

Additional topics

Admins   Find resources for managing your agents and users in the Tethr app.
Note: This section may require a sign in.
Developers   Find API and technical documentation for getting certain types of data in and out of Tethr.
Glossary   Find definitions to common Tethr terms.
Integrations   Sync your personal apps with Tethr.
Labels   Use custom labels to organize calls or as a filter when building your reports (like a label called "training examples").
My notes & comments   Use private notes to capture a thought about the call only you can see, or public comments to collaborate with other Tethr users.

Adding notes & comments to a call | Finding my notes & comments
Notifications   Set up an optional notification to receive automatic alerts whenever your report is updated with new calls that meet your report criteria.

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