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Async Metadata API

New feature: content organization, collaboration and filtering

This article describes a new feature that may not be available to all users. If you don't see this feature and want to learn more, please contact your Tethr admin.
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Required: You must have a valid authenticated Api User with the AsyncMetaData role.
Tip: To request a bearer token, reference the Token authentication API article.

Async Metadata API

Some customers need to add additional metadata along with their call provider’s call metadata to Tethr calls and call groups from an analytics standpoint. For example, a Tethr customer may want to include additional CRM metadata in Tethr App (per call) to match up with call group metadata fields (existing in Tethr) and update all associated calls with new call group metadata.


https://[INSTANCE NAME]/callevent/v1/outofband/event


Attribute Type Description



The session ID that uniquely identifies a call 

If no sessionID is sent, then contact Tethr support to configure Async Metadata Matching.
eventTime date The date and time of the async metadata event
metadata Json object Your custom metadata

Response Codes

Code Message Description
200 OK Request was successful
400 Bad Request Request content is invalid

Internal Server
An internal server error occurred



The "metaData" object can hold any standard Json object.

All data will be stored with the call data and can be made accessible in the UI, Reports, or external data feeds to other systems. An example data object that could be placed here would be an external Customer ID from a CRM platform that was located because of data the customer gave to an IVR, or by the Agent and passed along in the SipRec headers.

Note: The metadata in the example above does not represent any standard or schema that must be used.


200 OK