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Guest user token API

New feature: content organization, collaboration and filtering

This article describes a new feature that may not be available to all users. If you don't see this feature and want to learn more, please contact your Tethr admin.
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Required: You must have a valid, authenticated Api User with the Call share role enabled. To request this role be enabled for you, email Tethr Support.

Guest user token API


https://[INSTANCE NAME]/callshare/v1/token


Attribute Type Description
callID string Tethr call ID
email string The email address of the person accessing the call


Attribute Type Description
callUrl string The target URL to access the shared call
expiration date When the request will expire (default is 8 hours)


POST https://[INSTANCE NAME]/callshare/v1/token 
Authorization: Bearer [TOKEN]
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

{ "callId": "{CallId}", "email": "{EmailOfWhoWillBeAccessingTheCall}" }


{ "callUrl": "{CallUrl}", "expiration": "{ExpirationDateTime}" }

Once the user navigates to the call URL

  1. They will be asked to either
    1. Sign up and create a password, or
    2. Log in with the created password if they already have signed up with that email.
  2. They will be redirected to the call.
Tip: The user accessing the link needs to own the provided email address in case any password reset or other account related messages are sent during the log in step.