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Stop Words in search results

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What are Stop Words?

Stop Words refer to common words that are disregarded during analysis. These words typically include articles ("a," "an," "the"), prepositions ("in," "on," "at"), conjunctions ("and," "or," "but"), and other words that occur frequently but don't typically add to the meaning of a sentence or phrase.

Tethr's search engine will not recognize Stop Words, even when a Stop Word is included in your search terms. For example, “the transfer” and “transfer” will yield the same results.


Why does Tethr utilize Stop Words?

  1. Reduce noise: Focus on extracting and analyzing the most meaningful content from your customer conversations
  2. Improve efficiency: Save processing power and resources to provide search results faster 
  3. Enhance relevance: Prioritize the most significant keywords and phrases to ensure that the search results are relevant 

Full list of English Stop Words:

a as by it that there to
an at for of the these was
and be if or their they will
are but is such then this with