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Learn the different ways to play the call audio.

Getting started: If you’re not already viewing a call, first click on a call in Search & browse or from one of your Reports.

Play the call:

Use any of these methods to play back the call audio.

  1. Play button – begins playing the call at the point where the slider is positioned. Click again to pause the audio.

    Tip: You may use the keyboard spacebar to automatically play and pause the audio.
  2. Play slider – shows where in the call the audio is playing. You may manually drag the white slider bar left or right to jump to a new spot on the call.
  3. Call timeline – click anywhere on this bar to jump to that spot on the call audio.
  4. Call dialogue – click on the dialogue block to begin playing the call audio at the beginning of that dialogue block.
  5. Call speed – allows you to change the playback audio speed.

    Important Note: Dialogue blocks with striped lines are redacted audio that are automatically removed to protect sensitive data (i.e. credit cards, account numbers, etc.). You will not hear any audio for redacted comments. Tethr-RedactedBar.png

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