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What are reports?

New feature: content organization, collaboration and filtering

This article describes a new feature that may not be available to all users. If you don't see this feature and want to learn more, please contact your Tethr admin.
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Reports is the place where you can reference a list of saved reports, create a new report, or view the details of an individual report.

Benefits of using Reports:

  • Easily save your Search & browse results into an individual report so you don’t need to manually execute the each day.
  • Share your report with other Tethr users for collaboration and visibility to call activity over time.
  • Quickly add a single report to multiple
    . No need to manage multiple copies.
  • Manage all your saved and shared reports on one page.

Elements of the Reports page:


  1. Search: allows you to quickly search the report titles in the list.
  2. New report: allows you to create a new report.
  3. Sorting report: allows you to easily sort the reports by name or last modified.
  4. Report name: allows you to view an individual report. If the title has the 'shared' icon (SharedIcon.png), it is a shared report.
  5. Report owner: shows who owns the report. You will have more available actions for reports owned by you.
  6. Last modified: displays the date when changes were made to the individual report (for example, adding to a dashboard, sharing a report with others, etc.). It does not reflect when new calls are added to the report.
  7. On dashboards: shows how many dashboards the report is on. To see which dashboards, use the option in the More actions ( ••• ) column.
  8. Actions: provides a menu of additional report options, including renaming the report, identify which dashboards a report is on, and deleting the report. You can only delete reports owned by you.

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