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Customizing the graph legend

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This article describes a new feature that may not be available to all users. If you don't see this feature and want to learn more, please contact your Tethr admin.
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The graph’s legend reflects what data is currently being shown. Learn how to customize what data is shown or hidden on the graph.

Getting started: The following features are available in both Search & browse and Reports. Either click on the Search & browse tab to begin a new search, or open a saved report in the My reports list.

Customize the display graph legend:

  1. Click on the Customize link in the Legend area.
  2. In the Customize legend pop-up, you have a few customization options.

    a) Add [data]: use this field to add
    or agents to the display graph.

    b) Hide others option: use this checkbox to hide data in the graph. Tethr graphs up to 12 items at once and groups the rest of the data into an “other” group.

    c) Categories options: click on the word(s) in the right part of the row to change the category’s display options. By default the category will display as Dynamic, meaning that the category only shows on the graph when data is returned. You may change the option to Always show or Always hide the category whether or not data is returned.

    d) When you have finished your customizations, click on the Done button.

    Tip: To remove your customized legend settings, return to the Customize legend pop-up by following step 1. Then click the Reset legend to default link near the bottom of the pop-up.


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