Dashboards Overview

What are dashboards?

New feature: content organization, collaboration and filtering

This article describes a new feature that may not be available to all users. If you don't see this feature and want to learn more, please contact your Tethr admin.
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Dashboards contain a collection of reports to show detailed business insights side by side. You can create multiple dashboards. A dashboard is private by default, but can be shared with other Tethr users. Reports are created in search & browse and then easily added to your dashboard.

Dashboards makes it easy to:

  • Organize your reports into groups for comparing side by side.
  • Customize the arrangement and sizing of dashboard reports.
  • Easily save and reference your Search & browse results so you don’t need to manually replicate the search each day.
  • Share your saved dashboard with other Tethr users for collaboration and visibility to report groupings.

Elements of the Dashboard list:


  1. Insights menu: provides an option to view My dashboards.
  2. Folder drawer: allows you to see all your folders in a list view.
  3. Actions: provides a menu of additional options for managing your dashboards.
  4. New dashboard: allows you to add a new dashboard.
  5. Search: allows you to quickly search the dashboard titles in the list.
  6. Filters: provides a quick way to filter the list to dashboards owned by you or shared with you.
  7. Sort: allows you to easily sort the dashboards by name or last modified date.
  8. Name: displays the name of the dashboard. Shared dashboards will have a shared icon.
  9. Owner: shows who owns the dashboard. You will have more available actions for dashboards owned by you.
  10. Last modified: displays the date when changes were made to the dashboard.
  11. On/in: shows how many folders the dashboard is in. To see which folders, click on the numeric value.

Elements of the Dashboard:


  1. Folder drawer: allows you to see all your folders in a list view.
  2. Breadcrumb: displays which folder the dashboard is in. You may click on the folder names to open that folder.
  3. Close: closes the dashboard and returns you to previous page you were looking at.
  4. Add to folder: allows you to add this dashboard to a folder.
  5. Share: allows you to share the current dashboard with other Tethr users.
  6. More actions ( ••• ): provides a menu of additional options for managing your dashboard.
  7. Dashboard title: displays the name of the opened dashboard.
  8. Information: when you hover over this icon, you'll see a description of the dashboard.
  9. Navigation buttons: click either button to advance to the next (or previous) dashboard in this folder.
  10. Shared dashboard: displays only when a dashboard is shared among Tethr users.
  11. Dashboard canvas: displays the reports contained on the current dashboard. This is the area where you can rearrange, resize, and remove reports.

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