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Changing the graph criteria

New feature: content organization, collaboration and filtering

This article describes a new feature that may not be available to all users. If you don't see this feature and want to learn more, please contact your Tethr admin.
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Learn how to change the aggregate data reflected in the graph. The graph can display data by categories, call volume, teams, or agents.

Getting started: The following features are available in both Search & browse and Reports. Either click on the Search & browse tab to begin a new search, or open a saved report in the My reports list.

Changing the graph criteria

  1. Click on the Graph criteria button within the graph area. Then select a different criteria option in the drop-down menu.
    Tip: The
    options will reflect the data chosen in the search filters. If you need to update your data returned, refer to the Filtering the call results article.

    What are the different options to filter your graphed data?

    Categories: graphs the number of categories found either over time or in sum (depending on your graph type).

    Call volume: graphs the number of calls found over time within your search or filter criteria.

    Teams: graphs the number of calls found for each team within your search or filter criteria.

    Agents: graphs the number of calls found per agent either over time or in sum (depending on your graph type).

  2. The display graph area will update to reflect the new criteria. Hover over the graph to see a pop-up of detailed graph data.
    Tip: If there are more than 12 data items in the graph, the extra data will be grouped into the “Others” category. You can see additional data items by holding the keyboard’s Shift key while hovering over the display graph.

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