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What are notifications?

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This article describes a new feature that may not be available to all users. If you don't see this feature and want to learn more, please contact your Tethr admin.
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A notification is an optional feature found in your
. After setting up a notification, you will automatically be alerted whenever your report is updated with new calls that meet your report criteria. You can specify the type and how frequently you are notified.

Benefits of using notifications:

  • Be alerted to when new call events are added to your report.
  • Easily set how frequently you are notified (i.e. hourly, daily, or weekly).

Elements of the notifications pop up:


  1. Notification options – available to the report
    for turning on/off report notifications for all users with access to the report.
  2. Delivery preferences – allows you to specify where you’d like to be notified (i.e. email, mobile phone, or in app).
  3. Frequency options – allows you to set how often you are notified.
  4. SMS option – when checked you will receive a text alert on your mobile phone. You can update your mobile number in your Tethr profile.
Note: The SMS option is enabled by Tethr admins and may not be available to all users.

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