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Add an auto-fail answer choice

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What is auto-fail? 

Auto-fail answer choices track critical failures in an evaluation. When an auto-fail answer choice is selected, the evaluation is flagged as an auto-failed evaluation and the score is affected according to the question's settings. 

In this article: 

  1. Add an auto-fail answer choice 
  2. Choose how auto-fail answers affect the evaluation's score
  3. Use auto-fail results in reporting 

Add an auto-fail answer choice 

Make an answer choice auto-fail by hovering over the answer and clicking the gear icon. Then, select Make auto-fail.


Choose how auto-fail answers affect the evaluation's score

After selecting Make auto-fail, Tethr will prompt you to decide how you want the answer choice to affect the evaluation's score. This can be edited later by clicking the answer's gear icon and selecting Edit auto-fail settings. 


Use auto-fail results in reporting 

To use auto-failed evaluations or questions as filter criteria, choose the Auto-fail option and select the criteria for your report. Auto-fail answer choices do not have to affect an evaluation's score to be used in reporting. 


Tethr tip: By default, auto-failed evaluations and questions are included in reporting results. To exclude auto-failed evaluations or questions from your results, choose the option for Evaluation did not auto-fail or Question did not auto-fail