Evaluations Overview

Filling out and reviewing evaluations

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Filling out evaluations

Where do I find evaluation forms? 

Important note: Evaluations are currently only supported on individual interactions, not composite interactions. Individual parts can each contain evaluations, but the overall composite cannot.

Choose a relevant interaction, navigate to the Evaluations tab, then select the evaluation you want to fill out.


How do I fill out an evaluation? 

Answer each question and save the evaluation when you’re done. As soon as you save it, the completed evaluation is attached to the interaction and the results are ready to be used in a report or reviewed in a coaching session. 


Completed evaluations 

All completed evaluations for an interaction can be found in the Evaluations tab. Expand a completed evaluation to review the results.

Elements of a completed evaluation 


  1. Score: Tethr calculates a percentage score for the evaluation based on the points for each answer.
  2. Completed Questions: View the answers to each question in the evaluation form. 
  3. Edit or Delete an Evaluation: Edit or Delete a completed evaluation using the overflow menu (...). You will always have the ability to edit an evaluation form that you filled out. Depending on the evaluation’s settings, you may also be able to edit forms that other users filled out.